Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome to T22 Entertainment blog!

Hi, I'm T22 from T22 Gaming. I have decided to put this new blog for all entertainment purposes. I have so much TV Series and Movies I would like to discuss. But, I just couldn't discuss it with friends and family since they don't watch it as soon as Episodes or the Movie is out. I also wouldn't want to spoil anyone in Facebook and wherever. So, I created this blog as my outlet.

It would be as updated as to my heart's content. That means, as soon as I finished an episode or the movie, I would write about it as quickly as I can. All my violent reactions and "fangirling" will also be included. If you don't want spoilers, well, unlucky for you. This blog will contain everything I want to talk about.

I am also thinking of opening a YouTube channel for this brand, but I don't really want to go in front of the camera. We'll see.


YouTube Channel: T22 Gaming
YouTube Gaming Live: T22 Gaming Live
Google+ Page: T22 Gaming

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